Worship in Women's Hands

A documentary exploring the meaning of women's liturgies for faith communities now and into the future


The liturgies in the documentary were created by Teresa Berger and Lorna Collingridge. The DVD was produced by Carol Thomson and Teresa Berger.

Teresa Berger

Teresa Berger is Professor of Liturgical Studies at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Yale Divinity School. She holds doctorates in both dogmatic theology and in liturgical studies, and taught theology on the faculty of Duke Divinity School for 22 years. Berger grew up in post-World-War II Germany and studied at St. John’s College, Nottingham, and the Universities of Mainz, Heidelberg, Münster, and Geneva. Her scholarly interests lie at the intersection of liturgical studies, gender theory, theology, and cultural studies. Berger has written extensively on liturgy and women’s lives. Her recent publications include Women’s Ways of Worship: Gender Analysis and Liturgical History (1999), Dissident Daughters: Feminist Liturgies in Global Context (2001), and Fragments of Real Presence (2005). The latter received two Catholic Press Awards in 2006. Berger has also published monographs on the hymns of Charles Wesley, on the 19th-century Anglo-Catholic revival, and on ecumenical readings of the Scriptures.

Teresa Berger is passionate about teaching, including its cross-cultural dimensions; she has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Mainz, Münster, Berlin, and Uppsala. In 2003, Teresa Berger received the distinguished Herbert Haag Prize for Freedom in the Church. Berger’s scholarly work currently focuses on an editorial project designed to bring to light the many ways in which gender has shaped what comes to be known as “liturgical tradition.” Berger is also completing a collection of prayers, meditations, stories and songs entitled Ocean Psalms. Teresa Berger is part of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Durham, N.C. Teresa is the designer of the liturgies you can view on Worship in Women’s Hands which include music and inspiring settings in sacred space.

Lorna Collingridge

Lorna is a composer of liturgical music for worship in a primarily but not exclusively Christian context. Her earliest compositions appear on the CD Walking in the Wilderness, by Seeds of Wild Honey, the group she directed in Brisbane, Australia. More recently, a number of her compositions appear in Teresa Berger’s Fragments of Real Presence, in a chapter containing a liturgy for Hildegard of Bingen. Lorna is an experienced musician, teacher, liturgist and researcher. Currently she is directing the music program at Immaculata School, Durham, North Carolina. For more infomration about the music in Worship in Women’s Hands, go to About the Music. Lorna Holds a PhD in musicology and theology from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, and she is currently a visiting scholar at Duke Divinity School where she completed her research, working with Professor Teresa Berger.

Carol Thomson

Carol is a multimedia developer and documentary producer. Carol has been creating multimedia works since 2000 when she began her documentary studies in Australia. Carol completed her Certificate in Documentary Studies at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies in 2005. Thomson’s multimedia company, FireStream Media, LLC, is located in Durham, NC.


This project is made possible in part by the North Carolina Humanities Council, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Additional support provided by:
The Yale Institute of Sacred Music
The Duke University Divinity School Jameson Jones Fund

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